Alexander Lewin

VP Distribution & Programming @ BLAST

Alexander Lewin, VP Distribution & Programming at BLAST, looking after the global distribution strategy of leading esports entertainment company and TO BLAST. Alexander has 19 years experience in the international TV, digital and mobile industry, with a strong focus on global distribution and content strategy.

Years of professional experience… 19 years

Main organizations or projects you are proud to work for/with…

Prior to BLAST I have had stints at Disney’s Maker Studios and before that I was five years with VICE, looking after their European distribution and programming. Earlier I had a VOD start-up focusing on niche content and before that I worked in television on children’s TV. I have from the beginning of my career been very lucky to always work on projects, properties and companies that were fun and pushing the envelope in the world of entertainment.

Gaming/Esports lights a spark in your heart because…

…I have never seen an industry that is so full of passion, exciting opportunities and fun!